Welcome to Countdown, a Heroes Unlimited Campaign

You have been invited to join a tabletop roleplaying game, run by Darrin Cummings, using Palladium’s Heroes Unlimited system.

The concept of the game is this: You play yourself if you suddenly had super powers. Learn more about the world at The Beginning.

Darrin will be running a session every once and a while, maybe once a month. If you’re interested you’ll be given the date and, if you can make it, great. If not then you can try to make the next one. Sometimes we will play in Camarillo. Sometimes we will play in Hollywood. Sometimes we will play in LA. I’m inviting a lot of different people, some of whom play RPGs all the time, some of whom almost never play. Sometimes a few people will be invited to a session. Sometimes everyone will be invited. But the events you put put into play will effect every player in the game.

We will get together in the future to do some character creating sessions. Melissa has the book we will be using, which we will bring. It is the Heroes Unlimited Revised Second Edition. If you have a copy, let me know. Until then start thinking about where your new super powers have come from. This pages wiki should have a lot of ideas to get you started. If you really don’t want to play yourself that’s okay. You can make up a character to play. Even if you don’t think you can be a regular player I highly encourage you to get together with me to make the superhero version of yourself that I can use as an NPC in the game.

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