Darrin Cummings

A person who disappeared during The Hollywood Event


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Darrin Cummings is one of the missing people that were abducted during The Hollywood Event. He was a writer and location manager working in the entertainment industry.

After his abduction and after The Blackout his friends and family contacted various news organizations to attempt to find out more information. Because of this Darrin is one of the few names on the official list of the missing and his status is public knowledge.

There is a great deal of controversy regarding Darrin Cummings’s disappearance. The US Government has assured you that they do not find Darrin’s abduction any stranger than the others, since the vast majority of those missing are employed in the Entertainment Industry, just like Darrin. However, many in the public have speculated that, compared to the other known missing individuals, Darrin has no media presence. He is a “nobody” amongst a collection of “celebrities.” This controversy has lead to several conspiracy theories.

Darrin Cummings

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