David Blaine

Deceased stage magician


Blaine was a stage magician, born in Brooklyn, who died on July 27th, 2012.

He was performing a stunt where he was to leap from on skyscraper to another, which included a drop of about 50ft onto a pile of cardboard boxes. Before the stunt Blaine appeared to be intoxicated as he gave a speech about the tragedy of The Hollywood Event. He said that he lost many friends and that the event has “changed the way I look at my life.”

Afterwards Blaine prepared to jump, but instead merely stepped off the tower. He fell 700ft, to the horror of the crowd. Reports from the ground are shaky at best and all footage has been banned from television, but the general consensus is that at about 50ft from the ground Blaine began to slow until he landed and gently as a feather. Then, with tears in his eyes Blaine screamed, “It’s real! It’s always been real!” Then he pulled a gun from his waist and shot himself in the head.

David Blaine

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