New York's Excalibur

A sword trapped in pavement

weapon (melee)

On November 14th, 2012 an old man wearing rags stumbled onto a busy street in the heart of New York city holding a sword.

Witnesses claim he cried out something to the effect of, “Only a true hero can wield this sword!” Before stabbing it into the pavement. The blade reportedly dug in at least two feet, leaving a food of the blade and the hilt exposed. Afterwards the mysterious man slumped to the ground and died. He was never identified.

Police on the scene tried to remove the blade, but they failed, even when they tried employing tools and, eventually a crane. By the next day the city had dug a ten foot by ten foot hole, removing the sword and a large chunk of the pavement.

The US Government later claimed that the sword and the chunk of street it was stuck in were disposed of, but no one is certain where it ended up.


New York's Excalibur

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