Google is a company, best known for their search engine, that grew rapidly in the years leading up to The Hollywood Event as they diversified to create new technology and software.

One of President Joe Biden’s first acts after being sworn was to serve the internet company Google with a warrant to seize all project they had currently under development. The justification came from a speech Biden gave in July, 2012: “We are dealing with a threat that uses technology that far outreaches our own. Google has been extremely secretive as of late and we have reason to believe that they may possess technology that capable of the creation of a device similar to The Sky Clock. We have reached out to them privately and they refuse to cooperate with us.”

Rather than comply with the requests of The US Government Google shut it’s doors on July 21st, 2012 and it’s board of directors went into hiding, taking all projects in development with them.


There are rumors that the company is still operating at an undisclosed location, but no one is quite sure what they are up to.


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