The Blackout

Immediately after The Hollywood Event The US Government initiated a great media blackout. For three days newspapers ceased to be printed, all television broadcasts ceased (aside from emergency broadcast updates urging people to remain calm) and the internet was shut down.

The reason given for this was the disappearance of President Barack Obama. The government insisted that they believed they were at war with an enemy who held extremely advanced technology and they needed to carefully monitor the flow of information so that they could try to understand what had happened.

On June 30th broadcast began again with a press conference with recently sworn in President Joe Biden. No explanation was given for The Hollywood Event.

Information about the event is still closely monitored and very censored. To this day the government refuses to release the names of everyone who is missing and the majority of the entertainment industry has been put on an indefinite hiatus. The theory held by the government is that this “attack” seems to have been targeted at media figures and therefore those remaining media figures should go into hiding to protect themselves against any further attacks. These days the channels are full of reruns.

“The Blackout” can refer to the three day period after the Hollywood Event where all broadcast ceased or the current hiatus on the entertainment industry.

The Blackout

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